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European Union Framework 7 European Union Framework 7
Funded projects: VPHOP, NETSiM and EASY-IMP

BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF
Funded projects: ChildrenMS, IPAT

BMWI - Federal Ministry of Business and Technology BMWI
Funded projects: ABMA - Advanced Body Movement Analysis

Deutsches Kompetenznetzwerk Multiple Sklerose Kompetenznetzwerk Multiple Sklerose
Funded projects: ChildrenMS, IPAT

Hertie Foundation Hertie Foundation
Funded projects:
repabo@IPAT, MSint@kt@IPAT
Evidence based decision support in MS, disclaimer

University of Oxford, UK University of Oxford, UK
Funded projects: EBDiMS

Imperial College, London, UK Imperial College, London, UK
Funded projects: EBDiMS

Bavarian Research Foundation Bavarian Research Foundation
Funded projects:
Evaluation of the actibelt in micro gravity environment, NASA pp 136-140

University of Cambridge University of Cambridge
Funded projects:
International School of Clinical Bioinformatics and Technical Medicine

Mayo Clinic, US Mayo Clinic, US
Funded projects: Physical activity & Osteoarthritis

University of Rochester, US University of Rochester, US
Funded projects: Cost effectiveness of MS treatments

US National MS Society US National MS Society
Funded projects: Valildation of MSSS

UK Multiple Sclerosis Society UK Multiple Sclerosis Society
Funded projects: Synthetic MS data set

Hilton Foundation, US Hilton Foundation, US
Funded projects: SLC Newsletter