Machbarkeitsstudie zur Aktivitätsüberwachung von Astronauten unter partieller Gravitation mit einem 3D-Accelerometer - actibelt®

Aug 2023

Learning from experience and finding the right balance in the governance of AI-based and digital health technologies

Jan 2023

Telemedical monitoring of a high-risk pregnancy with placental cyst in times of Corona

Dec 2022

The Sylvia Lawry Centre for Multiple Sclerosis Research (SLCMSR) - Critical review facing the 20 anniversary

May 2022

The Impact of Lower Limb Immobilization and Rehabilitation on Angiogenic Proteins and Capillarization in Skeletal Muscle

Mar 2021

Accelerometric Gait Analysis Devices in Children - Will They Accept Them? Results From the AVAPed Study

Jan 2021

Validation of the Intel RealSense T265 for Tracking Natural Human Head Motion

Jan 2021

Mobility improvement in the first 6 postoperative weeks in orthogeriatric fracture patients

Jan 2021

Long-term prognostic counselling in people with multiple sclerosis using an online analytical processing tool

Dec 2020

Validity of accelerometry in step detection and gait speed measurement in orthogeriatric patients

Sep 2020

Considerations for development of an evidence dossier to support the use ofmobile sensor technology for clinical outcome assessments in clinical trials

Mar 2020

Ecological Momentary Assessment of Head Motion, Toward Normative Data of Head Stabilization

Jun 2019

Vom Schuh zum Fuß

Mar 2019

Walking on the Moon, ELS European Lunar Symposium, http,//, 18-19. May 2016 Amsterdam

Feb 2019

Genomics, microRNA, epigenetics, and proteomics for future diagnosis, treatment and monitoring response in upper GI cancers

Feb 2019