HUMO Motion Art

Our vision is to improve human health by evidence-based decision support tools for diagnosis and treatment through a better understanding of the specific nature of human motion and its consequences for mind and body. We need your support to continue to offer our tools and to publish our independent scientific results for the benefit of patients. Thank you.

21st Annual Congress of the ECSS - Crossing Borders through Sport Science from 6th until 9th of July 2016 , Vienna/Austria

Jan 2016

X-Walk MS – Exercise Walking in Multiple Sclerosis and related diseases Autumn Workshop of The Human Motion Project 2015

Dec 2015

3rd Congress of ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK, 23.-24. October 2015, Cologne

Oct 2015

Within the DLR Institute Seminar in Cologne (22.10.2015) Dr. Martin Daumer will held a lecture on Human mobile accelerometry,experience from clinical studies and application to astronauts

Oct 2015

Summer Workshop of The Human Motion Project - Final presentations of CACOM-2015

Aug 2015

ICFSR 2015, International Conference on Frailty & Sarcopenia Research, April 23-25, 2015 Boston, MA, USA

Apr 2015

The International Society for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour (ISMBP) will host its 4th International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement (ICAMPAM) in Limerick, Ireland from June 10-12, 2015

Apr 2015

EMA Guideline on clinical investigation of medicinal products for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Apr 2015

Welcome Trust Clinical Trial Data Access study now published

Apr 2015

2nd Winter Symposium of the Human Motion Project - From Gait Labs to the Real World

Mar 2015

Dr Martin Daumer, SLCMR/Trium (physical activity) is one of the experts of the INTERVAL study.

Feb 2015

We are very pleased to announce that we have found an agreement with the open publishing journal PeerJ

Feb 2015

Re-Engineering Clinical Trials, Best Practices for Streamlining the Development Process now published

Jan 2015

1st Winter Symposium of The Human Motion Project

Feb 2014

Vorbesprechung der Vorlesung, Telemedicine/Computational Medicine - from basic science to the market

Oct 2010