HUMO Motion Art

Our vision is to improve human health by evidence-based decision support tools for diagnosis and treatment through a better understanding of the specific nature of human motion and its consequences for mind and body. We need your support to continue to offer our tools and to publish our independent scientific results for the benefit of patients. Thank you.

Human Perception of Verticality, Lateropulsion & Retropulsion in Neurological Disorders - May 10, 2019 in Bad Aibling, Germany

Apr 2019

KNIMS - Kompetenznetzwerk Immobilisationsbedingte Muskelstörungen - DLR Cologne March 8-9, 2019

Mar 2019

6th Winter Symposium of THE HUMAN MOTION PROJECT - Real World Walking Speed - Definition, Measurement, Validation and Regulatory Acceptance

Feb 2019

baretalk 2018 - August 7th, Munich

Aug 2018

5th Winter Symposium of THE HUMAN MOTION PROJECT - Novel Endpoints Generated by Mobile Accelerometry for Use in Phase III Clinical Trials

Mar 2018

Webinars on IMI2 Call 13 - Start Date 27/11/2017 End Date 15/12/2017

Dec 2017

IMI Call Linking digital assessment of mobility to clinical endpoints to drive regulatory acceptance and clinical practice

Nov 2017

baretalk 2017 - August 2nd, Munich

Aug 2017

Revision 6 of the ENCePP Guide on Methodological Standards in Pharmacoepidemiology is now available on the ENCePP website

Jul 2017

Launch of 4open- a new Open Access journal from EDP Sciences

Jul 2017

4th Winter Symposium of THE HUMAN MOTION PROJECT - Is Walking Speed a Vital Sign or a Sign of Vitality?

Mar 2017

22nd annual congress of the European College of Sport Science ECSS MetropolisRuhr 2017, 5. - 8. July 2017

Jan 2017

baretalk 2016 - August 3rd, Munich

Aug 2016

3rd Winter Symposium of the Human Motion Project Is walking really medicine? Walking as outcome and treatment - using mobile accelerometry

Mar 2016

The Meta Product fullsoul runningpad & runningstyle co-developed by SLC-The Human Motion Institute with partial support of the EU project EASY-IMP is Winner of ISPO award 2015/2016 - segment outdoor - barefoot shoes

Jan 2016